Welcoming Joshua

Lifestyle Photography – Welcoming Joshua

This post is a personal one – a little peak into my family over the last 6 weeks…

On the 31st of December we welcomed our handsome little boy, Joshua Stephen, into our family.

It has been such a wonderful period of discovery – discovering his little personality, discovering what it means to be a family of four, discovering what it means to parent a boy this time around, and discovering that it is possible to love our second baby as much as our first.

When my daughter, Isabella, was born I was so overwhelmed by parenting this tiny baby I didn’t capture many moments in her first 6 weeks of her life (I have a few cell phone images). I vowed with Joshua I would do things differently – to capture even the most mundane moment so that in years to come we can delight in the memories of this brief period in our lives.

I have loved every moment of discovery in this new season of our lives, and look forward to years to come of experiencing life with our little Joshua.

The pictures featuring me are courtesy of my sister, and my beloved husband.

I am officially back at work, and look forward to meeting new clients and reconnecting with old ones, but most of all, to capture some incredible moments!

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